Friday, November 28, 2008

What Girls are looking for…

First things first...I have read a lot of books, seen a lot of things, and experienced things first hand for myself. This is how I know what girls are looking for. There are 3 concepts you need to understand here. After you understand all 3 you can move on to the conclusion of this text.

First: Girls want a guy who is confident!

This is very important. Most guys who don't have a girlfriend are ones who lay low, let the girls find them. Also they don't show off! Now when I say show off I'm not saying show off like freakin' standing on your head and shit, no...what you must understand is confidence. You must show you have no fear of rejection. So when you see a tons hot chick in class...on the work, what do you do? You go right up and ask them their name and number. Say something smooth, like, I'm going to a movie Saturday night, and I was wondering if you would like to join me? Babes dig a guy who seem sure of allows them to let down their guard and feel secure. So just to sum it up for you all short like...A guy can have any chick he wants... The only catch is that they must know how to accomplish this. So, First thing, find a chick you dig. When you are feeling totally confident Stroll up to her ask her what her name is and go for it! Now if you understand the jest of what I have just said, You are thinking of nothing more than to be confident & smooth. Great, now you understand the first concept.

What if she has a boyfriend and he wants to beat the bloody-piss out of me for hitting on her?...What if she thinks I'm ugly?... What if I look stupid and piss my fuckin' pants? You know what I say? Screw it, you can't be worried about that goes on! Even if you do get the bloody-piss kicked out of you, well you tried (but odds are if she has a boyfriend, she will just tell you and it will end there). So fuck all the what and go for it!

Second: The Thirty seconds rule!

Ok, next one is very short and sweet. A girl will decide within the first thirty seconds of meeting you if she will do you. Its that simple, make a good impression at the very beginning and it will all go well for you when it comes time for gettin' down! Or going down...or whatever you do! What if I have screwed that up already...Like there is this chick I want, but she probably already thinks I'm stupid and shit? Well, there is another what if, but ok I will answer it. If she already has the frame of mind that you will never do for a sex partner (and you know this for sure, if you don't you need to find out) then you need not keep trying. By the way...I want to say one other thing. If you are the type of guy who gets a girl drunk so you can have your way with them...I hope I never see you, because I will rip off your fuckin' balls. That shit just isn't right! Remember that.

Third: Girls want a bad boy!

For all you good boys out there, don't feel left out just yet...this includes you too. A lot of you have probably been saying that girls only like just losers and assholes...the ones who get into a lot of trouble and couldn't add 2 and 2. Well it seems that way, But its only half way true. Girls want a guy who they can reform. Yes! What that means is that they want someone who they can make change for them...Like if they are bad (like the ones listed above) they want to try to make them change into good boys that will protect and love them.This would be the ultimate sign of love for a girl. But most commonly, a trouble maker guy who is a jerk, and a freakin' asshole will only change for a while in order to get some. Then he will go right back to his old ways. So what I am saying is (like back in concept 1) don't just sit back and not try,(you don't have to be a fuckin' jerk) Just be cool and smooth and a girl will interpret that as being a bad boy (in there eyes). So good boys!, listen up, just get more confident and try again and again. Trust me you will have a date in no time at all. I promise.

Conclusion: So just remember, be cool and confident...act like nothing is going to sink your boat, then try for a chick. Make sure you are delivering the first impression that will score you a hot Saturday night date (Remember the second concept!). Next, just act like you are the shit, no one is better than are funny, and charming. After you have a chick enjoy the work you have done.
By Jems

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